How to Get into Flow?

Everyone’s path to Flow is different, and is constantly refined and adapted over time.  This applies both to individuals and institutions.

The first step to Flow is awareness.  An awareness of what Flow is and why it is vital sets a context for each individual or organisation to start exploring their own unique path to Flow.  Creating the dialogue around Flow is therefore the key starting point – enabling yourself or the organisation to explore the concept and define Flow for yourself.

Thereafter a practical path to Flow can be explored.  The Path to Flow includes strategies in a range of different required areas:

  • Ensuring sense of Belonging and Value (Affinity)
  • Aligning Purpose and Meaning to Strategy and Action
  • Ensuring Competency
  • Aligning Flow Activity Profile(s) with Accountabilities
  • Increasing Personal (or Organizational) awareness of beliefs, mindsets and behaviors, embracing full responsibility for these, and engaging in conscious and mindful work to grow and develop.

For each key area a range of different strategies are possible at the individual and organisational level.  The last decade has seen incredible growth in research on Positive Psychology (the Psychology of success, happiness, productivity and flow), with many strategies backed by thorough and robust science.