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I am passionate about Flow, and love sharing ideas and inspiration.

I tailor my talks to appeal to a wide range of audiences and events, including internal organisational gatherings, business schools, NGO events, leadership seminars, association meetings, sales conventions, and teambuilding events.

I delivers powerful tools and techniques.  I am committed to ensuring that there is real benefit for the audience, including tools and techniques which can generate immediate results.

I engage both the head and the heart.  Flow is an idea that has resonance in our head and hearts, and I support moving and inspiring messages with a solid research-based analytical foundation.

I tailor the message to the audience.  

In my talks or webinars I share key ideas about Flow, Positive Intelligence, and the Science of Happiness.  I prefer to customize the talks to the audience and event.  Topics can include:

  • Creating a Life of Flow
  • Characteristics of High Performance Teams
  • Building a culture of Flow in Organisations
  • Flow: The New Paradigm for Success

Please contact me if you would like to engage me for a talk or presentation.

Events, Conferences or Retreats

In addition to work on Flow, I have a passion for supporting Personal Development events as a Facilitator, often around subjects that I am passionate about in my personal life.  See below for Events, Conferences or Retreats that I will be appearing at in the future.