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Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching based on the principles of FlowExecutive and Leadership Coaching

I provide Executive and Leadership Coaching services based on the principles of Flow.  The Coaching supports you to achieve personal, business and leadership goals.  The Coaching combines a range of suggestions and practices for increasing your own levels of Flow and Positive Intelligence, while at the same time supporting you in getting clarity and strategies for your key goals.

Coaching Principles

You choose where you are heading, and what you want to achieve.
You bring the motivation and commitment.
You make the choice as to the solutions that might work for you.
You do the actions that will get you there.

I ask you the questions that keep you focused.
I reflect back to you your commitment and motivation.
I support you to explore what you may not be seeing or saying.
I share tools and ideas, and my knowledge and understanding of Flow.
I get off any of my opinions, and step in to being of service to you.
I keep the awareness of when you are in story rather than action.
I keep you focused on now and moving forward.

We share responsibility for creating a space for authenticity, openness, and vulnerability.
We agree to the values of honesty, directness, compassion, personal responsibility, support and integrity.
We hold each other accountable for being focused on your outcomes and priorities.
We embrace exploration, learning and growth.

When is my Flow Coaching most valuable?

Grow and develop personally and professionally.
Explore and implement different leadership or management styles and approaches focusing on Flow.
Confidently make decisions.
Achieve goals quickly and effectively.
Align your business and personal life.
Attain more fulfillment and satisfaction from your life.
Identify your strengths and maximize their potential.
Manage periods of personal or professional change.

My Coaching Process

The coaching process:

  • supports you to become exquisitely clear on what you are wanting to achieve,
  • explores the options and strategies that may get you there,
  • gets you into action,
  • facilitates reflection, learning and if necessary re-strategising,
  • deepens your understanding of your personal beliefs, values and behaviours that may be influencing the outcomes,
  • and celebrates what works.

The first and most important step is for you to identify and be able to express very clearly what you want to achieve through the coaching process. At the start you may not be clear on what you want, or where you are heading, and only have a sense that where you are at now is not working.  That is fine – the first part of the coaching will help you find your clarity.

I will support you to evaluate whether you are really committed to the goal.  If you are not committed, it is unlikely you will achieve it, or find it fulfilling if you do.

You will decide what you need to do to achieve your goal.  This involves us exploring a range of strategies, and identifying what will work best for you.  I will share ideas and tools from my experience and knowledge within the context of Flow.

You will grow your awareness of any assumptions, beliefs or habits that will stop you from achieving your goals, and be supported to create new ones that will lead to your success.

You will make commitments on actions and behaviors, and implement the commitments.

You will use the space to account to yourself for the commitments you made, celebrate and continue the successes, reflect on what may not have worked and adapt, and keep moving in the direction you committed to and inspired by.

How Long is the Coaching Process?

My recommended coaching cycles are 1 hour a week for 12 weeks.  My coaching is about supporting you to create new sustainable habits and behaviors to ensure that whatever you want to achieve lasts.  Creating new behaviors and beliefs requires embedding them into your identify, making them habits.  Most times when we try to put new behaviors and beliefs in place or keep in action, we often hit resistance and give up once the initial motivation and excitement fades.  The coaching cycle is designed for success, and supports you through and past those stages.

When and where does the coaching take place?

For international and national clients coaching takes place on Skype.  Face to face coaching in the South African cities of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth or Durban is organized for companies wanting team coaching or executive coaching for a minimum of five or more of their staff, or when specifically arranged.

What are my Coaching Rates?

R1970 per session.

How is coaching different from consulting?

A consultant’s job is to be the expert, you hire a consultant to come in and tell you what to do, to provide advice and suggestions for the way forward.

A coach’s job is to support you to be clear in what you want to achieve, and be in action towards achieving it.  A  Coach’s job is to ask the right questions, and work with you to get to your goal in the most efficient and effective way possible.  A Coach supports you to find the information, ideas and solutions that are already inside of you.

As a Flow Coach I combine both a consulting and coaching approach.  I bring a knowledge of Flow and Positive Psychology, and support you to find your own path to Flow.

How is Flow Coaching Different from Therapy?

People see counselors or therapists for a sounding board, for sharing their heart and gaining valuable support in dealing with past or present traumas. Therapy often deals significantly with the past. My Flow Coaching is for you if you are in a space where you want to take responsibility for causing results in your life and make things happen. I focus on the present and supporting you to move forward toward achieving your personal and professional goals, and growing your own understanding, practice and leadership within the context of Flow.