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Business Strategies for teams and organisations wanting to operate from Flow

Accelerating Flow in Teams and Organisations

I serve through supporting leaders, teams and organisations to create environments in which Flow is accelerated.

When individuals, teams and organisations are in flow then there are real and significant impacts on profit, HR and performance sustainability, staff alignment with the organisation, performance in teams, and the overall feeling of cohesion and innovation within the organisation.


My services are focused on supporting each team and organisation to identify, practice and adapt their own path to flow, and include:

  • Creating awareness and dialogue around Flow within the team and leadership structures.
  • Evaluating the existing Flow Profile of the team or organisation, based on key requirements for Flow.
  • Develop a Path to Flow Strategy for the team or organisation.
  • Implement the Path to Flow Strategy
  • Ongoing monitoring of Flow, and adapting the Path to Flow Strategy.

Path to Flow Strategy

The Path to Flow includes strategies in a range of different required areas:

  • Ensuring sense of Belonging and Value (Affinity)
  • Aligning Purpose and Meaning to Strategy and Action
  • Ensuring Competency
  • Aligning Flow Activity Profile(s) with Accountabilities
  • Increasing Personal (or Organizational) awareness of beliefs, mindsets and behaviors, embracing full responsibility for these, and engaging in conscious and mindful work to grow and develop.

After doing an initial evaluation of the Flow Profile of your team or organization based on the Key Areas, a Path to Flow strategy is developed for accelerating Flow .

I am most in Flow when focusing on certain aspects of increasing Flow – Awareness, Overall Strategy, Leadership Development, and Individual and Team Positive Intelligence.

In some circumstance I may not therefore be the ongoing implementing agent for your Path to Flow Strategy.  In developing a Path to Flow Strategy with you, we will jointly explore any additional requirements and your preferred implementation partners if required.  You may have internal skills and resources available, and relationships with existing service providers.   I will also suggest collaboration with other service providers where appropriate – such as SA Talent Dynamics or Cebano Consultants.